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Water flows into the hands of a boy

Water Management

World Water Day

The United Nations call on all countries to support World Water Day, which is celebrated each year on 22 March. This year's theme will be "Water and Sustainable Development". The World Water Day 2015 will focus on one of the most important international processes in the field of sustainable development. more

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Hendricks: Germany will reach its climate goal

The German cabinet adopted the Climate Action Programme 2020 on 3 December 2014. It will ensure that the German government achieves the goal it set in 2007 of cutting greenhouse emissions by 40 percent by 2020 compared with 1990. more

Panorama of a green field with hills in the background.

Soil Conservation

2015: year of soils

Soils are indispensable for the protection of our climate, biological diversity and security of food supply. Representatives from politics, science and civil society discuss possible ways of soil conservation. A wealth of activities in 2015 will raise awareness of the essential importance of soils.  more


24.02. - 25.02.2015

Press releases

Autmoatic coffee machine with the power button in focus.
Products and Environment

From the start of the new year, lower values for energy consumption for a range of everyday electrical appliances will come into effect in the European Union for all products put on the market for the first time.  more

Alignment of a solar module by a technician
International Climate Initiative

The BMUB and BMZ are supporting the construction of the world's biggest solar power plant in Quarzazate with a loan of 654 million euros. This will help Morocco to take a big step towards a climate-friendly and sustainable energy supply. more

A fountain in the foreground, behind white buildings, including a high-rise building.
Government Funding

The Federal Building Ministry is providing 2.5 million euros in funds for the listed White City ensemble in Tel Aviv. An agreement to this end was signed yesterday by State Secretary Gunther Adler and Mayor of Tel Aviv Ron Huldai. more

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