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NAMA facility extended

More climate protection in developing countries

Germany and the United Kingdom provide additional funds for ambitious climate change mitigation actions in developing countries. Deadline for the submission of proposals for climate change mitigation projects in developing countries is 15 July 2014. During the second call, around EUR 50 million will be available.  more

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Social City Programme

Integration begins in your neighbourhood

Barbara Hendricks is supporting local authorities with additional funding for their efforts to deal with increased immigration. The programme "Social City" offers funding from both the federal and Länder level for urban development in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. more

A family with a child is having a picnic on the shore of a lake. There are ducks swimming nearby.

Nature Protection / Biological Diversity

Economic value of German biosphere reserves

A recently published study carried out by the University of Wurzburg on behalf of the Federal Environment Ministry and the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation shows that the 15 UNESCO German biosphere reserves are important factors for regional economic development. more


Press releases

Blue/yellow European flag, among others, fluttering in front of a bulding
Resource Efficiency

The European Resource Efficiency Platform (EREP) presented its recommendations on 31 March 2014. At the closing session, Barbara Hendricks advocated giving resource efficiency a higher priority in European growth policy.  more

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Budget 2014

According to the second government draft of the 2014 budget act, the budget for BMUB stands at 3.647 billion Euro. The duplication reflects the new broader range of responsibilities following the restructuring of the ministries. more

Power plant with tranmission towers in the foreground.

The number of EU ETS allowances to be auctioned in 2014 has been reduced by a total of 400 million. Auctions for Germany will be conducted with a reduced volume from 21 March. more

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