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No. 148/11 | Berlin, 21.11.2011

Federal Environment Ministry boosts energy-related modernisation of buildings in Latvia with 1 million euros

The energy-related modernisation of system-built buildings offers great potential for climate protection in Germany and across Europe. A successful project in this area has just been concluded in Latvia. The project was supported by the Federal Environment Ministry with around 1 million euros.

The energy consumption of residential and commercial buildings makes up around 40 percent of total energy consumption and 36 percent of total CO2 emissions in the European Union. Between 2003 and 2011, the Federal Environment Ministry provided funding of around 760,000 euros from the Environmental Innovation Programme for projects abroad in order to modernise nine typical system-built residential buildings in line with German energy standards to develop this potential in Latvia as well. Another 240,000 euros went to the training of managers for the modernisation of buildings. The trained staff from engineering offices, building administration and public authorities are to initiate additional modernisation projects thus multiplying the effect.

A first success of the funded pilot projects has already become visible: More than 300 additional projects are currently being implemented. For this purpose, the Latvian Ministry of Economics has drawn up a programme supporting the heat insulation of residential buildings with a volume of more than 60 million euros. More than 600 project applications have been submitted so far.

The Federal Environment Ministry's programme offers support for model projects for the climate-friendly economic development in the new EU member states and candidate countries.

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