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No. 151/12 | Berlin, 19.11.2012

Study: EU energy demand can be cut by two thirds

Parliamentary State Secretary Katherina Reiche: Energy-efficiency potential greater than expected

By 2050, the European Union's energy demand can be cut by two thirds by implementing energy-efficiency measures. This is the conclusion of a study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (Fraunhofer ISI), which was commissioned by the Federal Environment Ministry (BMU). The study was presented in Berlin today. "Increasing energy efficiency is a field that holds huge potential. We can significantly reduce our energy demand. At the same time, around 90 percent of all energy-saving measures pay for themselves. Energy efficiency can lead to a considerable reduction in energy costs and even to profits", commented Katherina Reiche, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Environment Ministry.

Energy efficiency would thus make a crucial contribution to reducing EU greenhouse gas emissions as planned by 80 percent by 2050. According to the study, if all the measures it outlines were implemented, annually increasing savings of billions of euros would be possible; in 2050 savings would total around 500 billion euros per year.

The Fraunhofer ISI calculated possible annual cost savings of 125 billion euros for private households alone, especially costs for heating and in the building sector. Industry could cut its energy bills by 100 billion euros per year by 2050, above all through the use of efficient generic technologies, for example for steam and hot water provision, and by using efficient engine applications. In the transport sector, technological improvements in road transport in particular can lead to a halving of energy demand. By reducing fuel consumption, savings of around 200 billion euros per year would be possible.

A brochure on the study can be downloaded at www.bmub.bund.de/49202.

The study itself can be found at: www.isi.fraunhofer.de/isi-en/e/projekte/bmu_eu-energy-roadmap_315192_ei.php.

Additionally, a recent study is available on the ISI website at www.isi.fraunhofer.de/isi-en/x/projekte/314587_bmu-langfristszenarien.php that shows long-term increases in energy efficiency combined with the expansion of renewable energies is enough to achieve the necessary CO2 savings in the electricity sector. This study was also commissioned by the BMU.

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