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11.05.2017 ǀ Europe and international environmental policy

Greening the Economy in the Alpine Region

Alpine-wide Conference

The Alpine area is a unique territory with outstanding nature and landscapes and impressive cultural diversity. Following a proposal put forward by Minister Barbara Hendricks, the Alpine countries jointly produced the 6th Report on the State of the Alps (RSA6) that focuses on greening the Alpine economy. The aim is to mainstream the green economy approach in all sectors in the Alpine region. The Report was compiled by a group of experts under the German Presidency 2015-2016. RSA6 describes the status of Green Economy approaches by presenting selected topics and indicators. Several opportunities for the development of a Green Economy in the Alpine area have been identified based on this analysis. Despite some progress, there is a strong need to strengthen the efforts to fully integrate environmental and social aspects into economic policies.

The conference will present the RSA6 recommendations, selected results and pioneering Good Practice Examples for a greening of the economy in the Alps. Participants will discuss how specific Green Economy approaches can be implemented and will develop first ideas for an Action Programme.



Special note

Number of participants is limited. Registration is open until 26 April 2017.