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Environmental Law (Notes for the User)

Germany's environmental legislation is very extensive and is continually being updated. We hope, therefore, that users of our foreign language webpages will appreciate that there is only a limited number of foreign language translations of Ordinances and Acts available either in the Internet or as a printed version.

Where they are available, the English texts of Acts can be found under the different environmental policy sectors, e.g. waste management, water management, renewable energy.

Only the German version of the texts is legally binding.

18.05.2016 Joint statement Joint statement on climate action between Germany and Japan
16.05.2016 Communiqué Communiqué G7 Toyama Environment Ministers’ Meeting
20.04.2016 Agreement Paris Agreement
01.12.2014 Report German Action Plan for the implementation of measures after the Fukushima Dai-ichi reactor accident
Mar. 2016 Publication Developing criteria for the sustainable structuring of tourism destinations in Germany
01.03.2016 Information Memorandum on Product Carbon Footprint
18.02.2016 Statement Statement by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany of 18 February 2016 on the legislative proposals from the Commission’s Circular Economy Package
Jan. 2016 Publication Local Action Driving Transformation
09.12.2015 Handout Carbon Market Platform
04.12.2015 Study Options for Continuing GHG abatement from CDM and JI industrial gas projects
04.12.2015 Declaration Declaration supporting the Nitric Acid Climate Action Group
04.12.2015 Study Analysing the status quo of CDM projects
19.11.2008 Act/Ordinance Directive 2008/98/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on waste and repealing certain Directives
01.12.2015 Final report Developing 2°C-compatible investment criteria
30.11.2015 Statement Joint statement: More funding for forest protection
27.11.2015 Information Scientific bases for the Climate Action Plan 2050
20.11.2015 Act/Ordinance Batteries Act (Batteriegesetz - BattG)
22.08.2013 Act/Ordinance 26. BImSchV: Ordinance on Electromagnetic Fields
02.11.2015 Bericht Informal Gathering of the Parties to the UN Watercourses Convention
30.10.2015 Report UNFCCC synthesis report for the Paris Climate Change Conference
26.10.2015 Letter Urgent letter to Environment Commissioner Karmenu Vella
13.10.2015 Report 4th dialogue phase: Expert dialogue 4 - Use of nanomaterials in the food sector
05.10.2015 Statement Indo-German Joint Statement on Climate Change and Energy Technology Cooperation
02.10.2015 Documentation Hanover Declaration
01.10.2015 Flyer, information sheet & checklist Background information EIP
for Projects Abroad
01.08.2014 Report Construction in Germany: Structural Data on Production and Employment - 2013 Calculations
Sep. 2015 Publication Climate action needs your initiative (2015)
01.11.2010 Act/Ordinance Sewage Sludge Ordinance (AbfKlärV)
27.01.2009 Act/Ordinance Thirteenth Ordinance on the Implementation of the Federal Immission Control Act
31.08.2015 Handout Carbon Pricing: Exploring Scope for Ambitious Climate Action
Aug. 2015 Publication National Urban Development Policy
21.08.2015 Statement Brazilian – German Joint Statement on Climate Change
12.08.2015 Programme National Programme
Jul. 2015 Publication City. Country. Life.
09.07.2015 Statement Statement of Green Growth Group
27.06.2014 Report Annual reports on end-of-life vehicle reuse/recycling/recovery rates in Germany
19.06.2015 Documents Taking back reprocessed waste
10.06.2015 Policy paper Policy paper for the launch of the participation and dialogue process
Jun. 2015 Publication Climate Action in Figures
Jun. 2015 Publication A low-emission economy starts with municipalities
19.05.2015 Conclusions Petersberg Climate Dialogue VI: Documents
15.05.2015 Background paper Background paper: 6th Petersberg Climate Dialogue
11.08.2009 Act/Ordinance Fourth Ordinance for the Implementation of the Federal Immission Control Act
Apr. 2015 Publication ESF - Federal Programme BIWAQ
21.03.2015 Summary Bonn Challenge 2.0: Implementing Restoration Partnerships
12.02.2015 Statement Climate negotiations in Geneva
09.02.2015 Document Strategic framework for setting priorities for restoring degraded ecosystems in Germany
09.02.2015 Declaration Vienna Declaration adopted
Feb. 2015 Publication German Resource Efficiency Programme (ProgRess)
Jan. 2015 Publication Beech Forests – UNESCO World Natural Heritage
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