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The BMUB Climate Initiative in the Internet

Since the beginning of 2008, additional funding from the auction of emission allowances has been available to the BMUB for the implementation of the Climate Initiative. The Climate Initiative aims to cost-effectively tap existing potential for emission reductions and advance innovative model projects for climate protection. In 2017, the European Climate Initiative was launched. This initiative supports bilateral and multilateral cooperation through dialogue and exchange of experience and knowledge on climate action within the European Union.The European Climate Initiative has supported cooperation between the EU member states since 2017. Its aim is to assist these countries in implementing the European climate and energy targets through dialogue and the exchange of experience and knowledge.
The latest information on the Federal Environment Ministry's Climate Initiative can be found on the BMUB website.

National Climate Initiative (NKI)


Engineer on a windmill

European Climate
Initiative (EUKI)


International Climate Initiative (IKI)