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This year, Fiji holds the Presidency of COP23. It will take place in Bonn, the seat of the UN Climate Change Secretariat, from 6 to 17 November. The German government supports the presiding state in organising and implementing the biggest UN conference. Environment State Secretary Jochen Flasbarth is meeting Fijian representatives as part of the conference preparations. more

Rara Lake in Nepal

The governments of Nepal and the Kingdom of Bhutan invited Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks for a visit from 2 to 8 April. The objective of the trip is to exchange views on forest development, nature conservation and climate action including bilateral meetings with the ministers of agriculture, forestry and environment of the two countries. more

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Around 40 ministers, CEOs, and trade unions as well as more than 300 sustainable development experts meet in Berlin for the second global forum on green economy. They are joined by renowned economists, including Jeffrey Sachs and Pavan Sukhdev, to explore ways of fighting inequalities and environmental degradation, based on the transformational goals and targets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. more

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Germany and Iran intend to work together more closely on environmental protection and climate action. State Secretary for the Environment Jochen Flasbarth is to travel to Tehran for three days of political talks for this purpose. Cooperation with Germany will enable Iran to handle key environmental issues. Beyond this, the Federal Environment Ministry aims to support Iran in its implementation of national climate action targets. more

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Germany and Russia want to work closely with the conversion of the Paris climate agreement. Also by the adaptation to the climate change both countries stronger want to co-operate. This is the aim of arrangements which environmental Assistant Secretary Jochen Flasbarth closed on the 14th of February in Moscow with the Russian minister for natural resources and environment Sergei Donskoj. more