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All documents and media articles on the 21st World Climate Conference

Press releases/news

09.02.2017 Germany and Brazil: "No rowing back after the Paris Agreement"

State Secretary Flasbarth attends political talks in Brazil and Argentina
05.10.2016 Paris Agreement enters into force

Germany deposits instrument of ratification
21.09.2016 Paris Agreement clears first hurdle
09.09.2016 Environment Ministry and Chemical Industry Association aim to halt nitrous oxide emissions
20.07.2016 Hendricks welcomes European Commission proposal for the distribution of efforts toward reaching the EU'S climate action target
06.07.2016 Germany begins ratification of Paris Agreement

Federal Cabinet adopts draft act
05.07.2016 Petersberg Climate Dialogue: momentum for implementation of the Paris Agreement
04.07.2016 New partnership aims to help developing countries implement the Paris Agreement

German Ministry for the Environment and Building and German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development present their initiative at the Petersberg Climate Dialogue
01.07.2016 Hendricks and Mezouar host Climate Dialogue

Ministers from all over the world discuss the implementation of the Paris Agreement
22.04.2016 Federal Environment Minister Hendricks signs Paris Agreement
09.03.2016 Federal Cabinet approves signing of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change
12.12.2015 Climate summit makes history

First global climate agreement adopted
08.12.2015 UNDP, FAO to scale up assistance to countries on addressing climate change risks in agriculture

Germany provides an additional €5 million to support joint effort
08.12.2015 EU and 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific countries join forces for ambitious global climate deal
08.12.2015 Germany strengthens international fund for adaptation to climate change

Additional 50 million euros for the Adaptation Fund
04.12.2015 Germany launches an initiative on global emission abatement for an entire sector
02.12.2015 Germany helps developing countries establish methods for measuring climate gases
01.12.2015 A manual for climate-friendly investments

Germany presents a new report in Paris
30.11.2015 Joint statement: More funding for forest protection

Germany, Norway and Great Britain are pledging five billion dollars by 2020
28.11.2015 German negotiators are taking the "Train to Paris"

Minister Hendricks on her way to the World Climate Summit
18.11.2015 Hannelore Elsner and Hannes Jaenicke give their voice to nature
16.11.2015 Germany: No more flaring of gas
30.10.2015 UNFCCC report on INDCs for Paris unveiled
24.10.2015 Minister Hendricks: Time for the final sprint to Paris
02.10.2015 Minister Hendricks: ICCA 2015 in Hanover an encouraging signal for Paris
18.09.2015 Minister Hendricks: EU remains pioneer in climate action

European Environment Ministers adopt ambitious negotiation mandate for Paris
11.09.2015 Germany and Ecuador resume environmental cooperation
10.09.2015 Ministers prepare for Paris Climate Change Conference

New climate agreement will also contain long-term climate change adaptation targets
29.07.2015 In the run-up to the Paris climate summit - international conference in Hanover on 1 and 2 October presents municipalities as leaders in climate action
30.06.2015 UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon commends German climate finance support
29.05.2015 Germany joins World Bank‘s Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition
19.05.2015 Political will for climate action is greater than ever

Sixth Petersberg Climate Dialogue prepares for Paris conference
06.03.2015 Hendricks: Europe presents ambitious contribution for climate conference in Paris
11.12.2014 International climate finance well-invested

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