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In the Environment Council, the EU member states agreed on a common position on the reform of the ETS which will increase the environmental benefits of emissions trading. The industry, facing international competition, is being protected effectively. Market participants can assume that the very large surpluses of allowances of the past will not be generated in the future. more

At the Climate Summit in Paris in December 2015, the Federal Environment Ministry established the Nitric Acid Climate Action Group with the aim of halting climate-damaging nitrous oxide emissions from industry worldwide by 2020. The German Chemical Industry Association (VCI) is now joining the initiative for the global abatement of nitrous oxide emissions and will advise companies on how to reduce their nitrous oxide emissions. more

China has been testing the instrument of emissions trading in seven pilot regions since 2013. The schemes are very similar to emissions trading in the EU. The Federal Environment Ministry supports China in introducing a national emissions trading scheme. Priorities include legal advice and training of staff from administration and industry. Shanghai is one of the pilot regions for emissions trading in China. more

The Federal Environment Agency's short-term forecast shows that higher exports of electricity, cooler weather conditions compared to the previous year and lower fuel prices led to a slight increase in greenhouse gas emissions. CO2 emissions have gone down in electricity generation while transport-related greenhouse gas emissions increased. Results show that the Climate Action Programme 2020 needs to be implemented consistently. more

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On 16 November, Germany joined the international initiative against the routine flaring of gas at oil production sites. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon launched the initiative last April in cooperation with the World Bank. It aims at phasing out the routine flaring of associated gas at oil production sites by 2030 at the latest. more

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