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Germany is participating in the new Pilot Auctioning Facility (PAF), a fund set up by the World Bank Group, and will be contributing up to 15 million euro. The Pilot Auctioning Facility fund, presented on 15 September in Washington, aims to promote waste management climate projects in particular for landfill degasification, organic waste and wastewater disposal. more

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The Federal Government welcomes the European Commission's proposal for the speedy and sustainable reform of the EU emissions trading scheme, but presses for further improvements. According to the Federal government, the so-called "market stability reserve" should be introduced already during this legislative period. more

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A global carbon market can play a crucial role in achieving global climate protection targets, said Jochen Flasbarth at the opening ceremony of the CarbonExpo international trade fair in Cologne. He also stated that reducing greenhouse gas emissions within the EU by at least 40 percent by 2030 was reasonable and that the EU should keep open the possibility of more ambitious goals within the framework of international negotiations. more

The number of EU ETS allowances to be auctioned in 2014 has been reduced by a total of 400 million. Auctions for Germany will be conducted at the European Energy Exchange (EEX) with a reduced volume of allowances from 21 March. The German auction volume for 2014 has been reduced from 205 million to around 127.1 million allowances. more

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Germany has far exceeded its target set out by the Kyoto Protocol for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. However, the developments recorded over the past two years have given Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks cause for concern. Hendricks stated: "We must adopt more ambitious climate targets and reverse the negative trend of the last two years. When it comes to climate change mitigation, the coalition has a packed agenda". more

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German Emissions Trading Authority


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Kyoto mechanisms CDM & JI


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