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Press Statements / Speeches

Press Number
09.09.2016 No. 217/16 Environment Ministry and Chemical Industry Association aim to halt nitrous oxide emissions
18.04.2016 No. 082/16 BMUB supports China in emissions trading
17.03.2016 No. 057/16 UBA emissions data for 2015 highlights need for consistent implementation of Climate Action Programme 2020
Minister Hendricks: all sectors must deliver on climate action
03.02.2016 No. 024/16 Climate gases considerably lower in Germany for 2014
Minister Hendricks: Need for action in transport and agriculture sectors
10.12.2015 No. 343/15 Minister Hendricks: We need to put a price on carbon
G7 opens Carbon Market Platform to countries worldwide
08.12.2015 No. 340/15 Germany strengthens international fund for adaptation to climate change
Additional 50 million euros for the Adaptation Fund
04.12.2015 No. 335/15 Germany launches an initiative on global emission abatement for an entire sector
16.11.2015 No. 308/15 Germany: No more flaring of gas
15.07.2015 No. 171/15 Environment Minister Hendricks: Commission proposal presents sound basis for a revision of emissions trading system
09.07.2015 No. 167/15 Minister Hendricks: Reform of emissions trading creates a sound basis for planning and efficient climate action
06.05.2015 No. 101/15 Hendricks: A brighter future for European emissions trading
30.04.2015 No. 098/15 Minister Hendricks: Council clears way for swift reform of EU emissions trading scheme
26.03.2015 No. 066/15 Minister Hendricks: Emissions trading reform must come into effect sooner
13.03.2015 No. 051/15 Germany makes resource efficiency a priority of its G7 Presidency
06.03.2015 No. 045/15 Hendricks: Europe presents ambitious contribution for climate conference in Paris
25.02.2015 No. 040/15 Minister Hendricks welcomes early compromise on emissions trading scheme reform
29.12.2014 No. 273/14 Hendricks sees turning point in climate action trends
CO2 emissions fall considerably for first time in years
19.12.2014 No. 266/14 Increasing support for swift reform of emissions trading
15.09.2014 Nr. 162/14 BMUB participates in new World Bank fund for climate projects in developing countries
12.06.2014 No. 098/14 Hendricks: Germany pressing for more stringent reform of emissions trading
28.05.2014 No. 088/14 Getting the carbon market in shape for global climate action
Environment State Secretary Jochen Flasbarth: "We have to do more to curb climate change!"
17.03.2014 No. 047/14 Repair of EU Emissions Trading System to begin
Significant reduction in auction volume from today
16.01.2014 No. 006/14 Hendricks strives for more ambitious climate targets
08.11.2013 No. 157/13 EU emissions trading system: Road paved for first step towards reformCouncil of Member States votes in favour of negotiations with European Parliament