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A new precious metal recovery plant operated by the Aurubis copper group of Hamburg. The new plant was funded in part by a grant from the Environment Innovation Programme of the Federal Environment Ministry.  more

The Klaus Fahlenbock bakery in Wippenfürth (North Rhine-Westphalia) receives 80,000 euros from the Environmental Innovation Programme of the Federal Environment Ministry. The support is granted for an innovative concept for dough fermentation and cooling. The project aims at reducing the amount of dough being discarded and hence saving raw materials and energy.  more

Stahlgießerei: Putzen der Stahlgussoberflächen wird von den Arbeitern noch von Hand ausgeführt mit Maschine. Es fliegen die Funken.

The Federal Cabinet on August 1, 2012 adopted the draft of the second act amending the Energy Tax Act. Its aim is to continue granting a tax cap under the ecological tax reform for the most energy intensive users in the manufacturing industry for the next decade. more

different Euro coins lying on euro notes

The energy-related modernisation of system-built buildings offers great potential for climate protection in Germany and across Europe. A successful project in this area has just been concluded in Latvia. more

Ausschnitt Waschmaschine, ein Teil des Bullauges

The Federal Environment and the Federal Economics Ministries published a joint concept paper which presents concrete proposals on how the top-runner approach can be further developed at EU level. The key elements had been set out by the Federal Environment Agency and the Federal Environment Ministry on the basis of the study. more
Joint concept paper (accessible PDF, 54 KB)

Eisschollen im Atlantischen Ozeans

Climate Seeks Protection


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