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German Resource Efficiency Programme II

Programme for the sustainable use and conservation of natural resources

With the adoption of the German Resource Efficiency Programme (ProgRess) in February 2012, Germany was one of the first countries to lay down guiding principles and solutions for conserving natural resources. With ProgRess, the German government committed to reporting every four years on the development of resource efficiency in Germany, assessing progress and updating the programme. This update, entitled German Resource Efficiency Programme II, was adopted by cabinet on 2 March 2016.

Contents-wise, ProgRess II is based on the structure of ProgRess. As before the entire value chain is considered. Examples of measures include the expansion of efficiency consulting for SMEs, support for environmental management systems, increased procurement of resource-efficient products and services in the public sector, improved consumer information and greater technology and knowledge transfer with developing and emerging countries.

Last update: March 2016