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Resource efficiency:
Competitive advantage for SMEs

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The Centre for Resource Efficiency (VDI ZRE) is closely connected with the Association of German Engineers (VDI) and is funded by the National Climate Initiative of the Federal Environment Ministry.

The core task of VDI ZRE is to provide easily understood and comprehensive information on green technology and on material and energy-efficient process solutions. This aims in particular to help small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to improve their resource efficiency. The focus of the centre's work is currently on industrial production and the construction industry.

Greater resource efficiency ensures that businesses maintain their competitive positions and can secure jobs. By increasing their resource efficiency businesses not only make Germany more attractive as a business location, they also conserve natural resources that are essential to industry and protect the environment through higher raw material productivity and the reduction or prevention of waste.

To enable companies to familiarise themselves with the wide range of steps that can be taken to improve resource efficiency, the VDI ZRE has developed a host of information materials in the form of short films, resource checks, process chains, a data base with examples of best practices and a cost calculator to identify the cost drivers within a business. Specially tailored courses on resource efficiency are offered to employees and consultants in the form of qualification seminars.

In addition, the VDI ZRE is the central point of contact for the resource efficiency network. The series of events organised by the network under the slogan "Ressourceneffizienz vor Ort" (resource efficiency at local level) serve as a platform to provide information and exchange ideas at regional level and are becoming increasingly popular.

The Centre for Resource Efficiency's instruments for the evaluation and identification of resource efficiency potential can be found on their website, which can be accessed by the public free of charge.

Last update: 17.11.2014