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60 years ago in Rome, on 25 March 1957, six European heads of state and government signed the Treaty of Rome. This marked the birth of today’s EU. Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks commented: "The European Union has proved to be a godsend for environmental protection. Environmental pollution does not stop at national borders." more

In the Environment Council, the EU member states agreed on a common position on the reform of the ETS which will increase the environmental benefits of emissions trading. The industry, facing international competition, is being protected effectively. Market participants can assume that the very large surpluses of allowances of the past will not be generated in the future. more

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In the light of recent developments regarding the search for a nuclear waste repository in Switzerland, Rita Schwarzelühr-Sutter, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Environment Ministry, requested a policy of clear information from the Swiss authorities. She called upon the Swiss Federal Office of Energy to finally present a meaningful environmental report. more

Germany and the Czech Republic continue to closely cooperate in the area of environmental protection. Jochen Flasbarth and his Czech colleague Vladislav Smrž, Deputy Minister for Environmental Policy, reaffirmed this today at the beginning of the 15th meeting of the Czech-German Joint Commission on the Environment. The focus of this meeting is cross-border cooperation on national parks and clean air in the border regions. more

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Germany and Belgium want to improve exchange of information on nuclear power plants. Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks and Belgian Deputy Prime Minister Jan Jambon signed a bilateral agreement to this effect following around ten months of negotiations. The first meeting of the German-Belgian expert commission will take place in 2017 and plans for the meeting are already underway. more

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