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Press Statements / Speeches

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13.10.2016 Minister Hendricks: Alps to be model region for sustainable economic practices in Europe

Alpine Conference: German Presidency a success
05.10.2016 Environment State Secretary Jochen Flasbarth stresses need for better data on chemicals

REACH Congress 2016 discusses how to improve consumer protection with regard to chemicals in everyday products
02.09.2016 German-Ukrainian cooperation on sustainable urban development is taking off

Leipzig prize for sustainable urban development in Ukraine
29.08.2016 Germany and Lithuania reaffirm cooperation on energy efficiency
20.07.2016 Hendricks welcomes European Commission proposal for the distribution of efforts toward reaching the EU'S climate action target
15.06.2016 Parliamentary State Secretary Schwarzelühr-Sutter: "Opportunities and risks of nanotechnology must be carefully weighed"

10 years of NanoDialogue – a federal government initiative
10.06.2016 Germany helps Ukraine with urban development and municipal heat supply
30.05.2016 EU ministers responsible for urban matters adopt Pact of Amsterdam
11.05.2016 Standards for effective water pollution control will be harmonised across the EU
20.04.2016 Good for business and the climate: energy efficiency in Alpine region hotels and restaurants

Florian Pronold opens international workshop
20.04.2016 Nuclear safety experts advocate further tests on Tihange 2 and Doel 3

Minister Hendricks: Nuclear power plants should be taken off grid during testing
02.03.2016 World Wildlife Day: European export ban on pre-Convention ivory crucial in the fight against poaching
01.02.2016 Berlin and Brussels aim to intensify cooperation on nuclear safety

Minister Hendricks in Brussels for meeting on Belgian nuclear power plants
27.01.2016 Hendricks to speak with Belgian deputy prime minister about Doel and Tihange
12.01.2016 Hendricks has unresolved questions about the safety of Doel and Tihange
17.12.2015 EU environment ministers oppose weakening of European nature conservation law

Nature directives should be fully implemented
23.11.2015 Jochen Flasbarth: Waste avoidance saves resources

European week for waste reduction about to start
27.10.2015 EU environment ministers caution against weakening of EU nature protection legislation

Urgent letter to Environment Commissioner Karmenu Vella
01.10.2015 Germany and Romania strengthen climate policy cooperation
18.09.2015 Minister Hendricks: EU remains pioneer in climate action

European Environment Ministers adopt ambitious negotiation mandate for Paris
27.07.2015 State Secretary Flasbarth: Ambitious sustainability goals offer opportunities for environment and development
09.07.2015 Minister Hendricks: Reform of emissions trading creates a sound basis for planning and efficient climate action
19.06.2015 Hendricks presents concept for taking back castor casks

Radioactive waste to be stored at four sites
18.06.2015 Minister Hendricks: Encyclical is an incentive for everbody to engage in environmental protection and climate action

Today in Rome, Pope Francis presented his encyclical "Laudato Si" on environmental protection and climate action. Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks commented:
16.06.2015 Doing business in harmony with the environment

Celebrating 20 years of the European eco-management system EMAS
28.05.2015 Minister Hendricks considers EU Commission's referral to the EJC regrettable and unnecessary
06.05.2015 Hendricks: A brighter future for European emissions trading
30.04.2015 Minister Hendricks: Council clears way for swift reform of EU emissions trading scheme
26.03.2015 Minister Hendricks: Emissions trading reform must come into effect sooner
06.03.2015 Hendricks: Europe presents ambitious contribution for climate conference in Paris
03.03.2015 Environmental protection in Europe moving forward but still has long way to go
25.02.2015 Minister Hendricks welcomes early compromise on emissions trading scheme reform
23.12.2014 Coffee machines and IT devices to use electricity more efficiently
19.12.2014 Increasing support for swift reform of emissions trading
01.12.2014 Eighth anniversary of REACH – an overall success but still much work ahead
25.11.2014 Denmark involves public in Germany in planning process for final repository
24.11.2014 Agreement on a European approach for nuclear emergency planning
22.11.2014 Pronold calls for responsible use of resources

European Week for Waste Reduction begins
13.11.2014 Hendricks: Reconciling safe and sustainable construction with EU law
10.11.2014 Federal Environment Minister Hendricks supports sustainable use of nanomaterials
19.09.2014 When will Swiss power plants be switched off?

Schwarzelühr-Sutter demands more clarity on Swiss nuclear phase out
15.08.2014 UN Watercourses Convention enters into force

Barbara Hendricks: major achievement for international cooperation in the management of water courses
23.06.2014 Wadden Sea World Natural Heritage Site is complete
12.06.2014 Germany and Romania step up cooperation to protect the environment
12.06.2014 Hendricks: Germany pressing for more stringent reform of emissions trading
31.03.2014 Federal Environment Minister Hendricks calls for Europa to join forces on energy efficiency

EU advisory body adopts recommendations
17.03.2014 Repair of EU Emissions Trading System to begin

Significant reduction in auction volume from today
06.03.2014 EU Commissioner Potočnik and Environment Minister Hendricks advocate a stringent EU environmental policy at their meeting in Berlin
26.02.2014 Germany, France and Poland agree to strengthen cooperation on climate policy
20.02.2014 Meeting of Ministers of Environment of the Federal Republic of Germany, the French Republic and the Republic of Poland in Berlin
Second meeting of "Green Weimar Triangle" on 26 February 2014
Number of all entries: 54