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Gleneagles Dialogue
Third meeting of the Energy and Environment Ministers

The energy and environment ministers from the 20 major energy-consuming countries met from 9 to 11 September 2007 in Berlin for the third "Gleneagles Dialogue". The G8 Summit in Gleneagles 2005 had initiated the dialogue on "climate change, clean energy and sustainable development". The talks focused on the strategic challenge of achieving the transformation of our energy systems which climate change makes necessary. The Dialogue aims to support progress in the UN climate negotiations.

Taking part in the Gleneagles Dialogue are the energy and environment ministers from the G8 states including the EU Commission, along with China, India, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Poland, Spain and South Korea. The Multilateral Development Banks, the International Energy Agency and the UN Climate Change Secretariat were also invited.

The Gleneagles Dialogue was launched in London in November 2005. The second ministerial meeting took place from 2-4 October 2006 in Monterrey/Mexico. In September 2007 the agenda included the dissemination of climate-friendly technologies, investments in climate protection and the political framework conditions they require. Following the meeting in Berlin, another conference will be held in Japan in spring 2008. The results of the Gleneagles Dialogue will be reported at the 2008 G8 Summit under the Japanese presidency.

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16.09.2014 Press release Hendricks: New report on climate and growth sends right message at the right time
02.09.2014 Pressemitteilung UN Summit of small island states: working together to protect the climate and biodiversity
19.08.2014 Press release Hendricks sees positive impetus for new international climate agreement
08.08.2014 Press release Efficient use of resources and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
Federal Environment Ministry supports projects in India
25.07.2014 press release Federal Environment Ministry supports conservation of unique biodiversity in Costa Rica
15.07.2014 Conclusions Petersberg Climate Dialogue V: Documents
15.07.2014 Press release Hendricks: spirit of change in climate policy
Conclusion of the fifth Petersberg Climate Dialogue
11.07.2014 Press release Ministers from around the world meet in Berlin for Climate Dialogue
08.07.2014 Press release World Biodiversity Council IPBES Secretariat opened in Bonn
02.07.2014 Press release Charter for the Future ONE WORLD – Our Responsibility: Germany needs to set an example on climate action
27.06.2014 ress Releases Together against marine litter
North-East Atlantic countries adopt regional action plan
27.06.2014 Statement First United Nations Environment Assembly - German Statement by Jochen Flasbarth
23.06.2014 Press release Fourth round of International Climate Protection Fellowships concluded
19.06.2014 Press release Hendricks travelling to Nairobi for the first session of the UN Environment Assembly
Focus on global sustainability goals
15.06.2014 Press release UN Climate negotiations in Bonn: progress made towards new climate agreement
10.06.2014 Press release Federal Environment Ministry supports protection of tropical forests of indigenous communities in Peru
06.06.2014 Press release Federal Environment Minister Hendricks advocates ambitious climate agreement
03.06.2014 Press release New initiative for investments in climate action
03.06.2014 Press Statement Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance
28.05.2014 Press release Getting the carbon market in shape for global climate action
Environment State Secretary Jochen Flasbarth: "We have to do more to curb climate change!"
21.05.2014 Pressemitteilung Federal Environment Ministry supports Island Biodiversity
04.05.2014 Press release Hendricks and Ban Ki-moon encourage more commitment to climate action
24.04.2014 Press release Federal Environment Ministry supports Climate Action and Biodiversity in Coastal Areas
13.04.2014 Press release Energy system transformation is key to better climate action
IPCC presents report on greenhouse gas mitigation
07.04.2014 Press release More climate protection in developing countries
NAMA facility extended
07.04.2014 Press release Environment State Secretary Jochen Flasbarth: We cannot afford to reduce our climate action efforts
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Session Starts in Berlin
31.03.2014 press release Climate change is a key challenge for society
IPCC presents report on impacts of climate change
26.02.2014 Press release Germany, France and Poland agree to strengthen cooperation on climate policy
23.02.2014 Press release Parliamentary State Secretary for the Environment Schwarzelühr-Sutter promotes climate protection and the Energiewende in Japan
German-Japanese cooperation to be expanded
20.02.2014 press release Meeting of Ministers of Environment of the Federal Republic of Germany, the French Republic and the Republic of Poland in Berlin
Second meeting of "Green Weimar Triangle" on 26 February 2014
13.02.2014 press release German government supports global fight against poaching of endangered species
06.02.2014 press release Environment State Secretary Jochen Flasbarth canvasses for climate action in the US, India, China and Russia
"Get important GHG emitters on board"
05.02.2014 press release Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands enhance protection of the Wadden Sea
29.01.2014 press release German Environment Ministry supports Forest Conservation Projects in Indonesia
20.01.2014 press release Federal Environment Ministry contributes to start-up finance for Green Climate Fund
04.12.2013 press release Better protection for the African elephant
04.12.2013 Background paper Information on the international African Elephant Summit
23.11.2013 press release Climate Change Conference in Warsaw concluded
German Environment Minister Altmaier presses for additional efforts
22.11.2013 Background paper Background paper on international climate finance
20.11.2013 press release Germany increases support for forest protection
10.10.2013 New environmental convention to limit mercury emissions worldwide
27.09.2013 Press release IPCC submits report on climate change
Altmaier calls for decisive action - Wanka: climate research will remain a priority
06.09.2013 New international child care centre opens near UN campus in Bonn
29.07.2013 Federal Environment Minister Altmaier welcomes agreement between Germany and China on the import of solar panels
"Expansion of renewable energy sources to benefit all parties"
02.07.2013 Parliamentary State Secretary Ursula Heinen-Esser welcomes climate protection fellows to the Federal Environment Ministry
20.06.2013 German Environment Ministry supports Forest Conservation Project in Peru
12.06.2013 press release New direction in energy policy worldwide: renewable energy trend continues
Renewable energy covers almost 20 percent of final energy demand worldwide
01.06.2013 Representatives from ten pioneering countries establish Renewables Club
29.05.2013 Federal Environment Ministry supports population of St. Lucia with insurance against extreme weather damage
10.05.2013 German government supports world’s largest solar power plant
Support for solar electricity production and climate action in Morocco
Number of all entries: 64
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