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Multilateral Cooperation

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14.07.2015 Hendricks at climate conference in Israel: "Climate action is a driver of innovation"
30.06.2015 UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon commends German climate finance support
18.06.2015 New Solar Radiation Atlas to promote climate action in India
05.06.2015 Affirming deep cooperation with China on Climate Change
01.06.2015 Hendricks: reducing demand is key in the fight against the poaching of elephants and rhinos
29.05.2015 Germany joins World Bank‘s Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition
19.05.2015 Petersberg Climate Dialogue VI: Documents
19.05.2015 Political will for climate action is greater than ever

Sixth Petersberg Climate Dialogue prepares for Paris conference
15.05.2015 Background paper: 6th Petersberg Climate Dialogue
15.05.2015 Hendricks and Fabius host Climate Dialogue

Ministers from all over the world prepare for Climate Summit in Paris
05.05.2015 Hendricks: New sustainable development goals also apply to us
29.04.2015 Financing secured for completion of New Safe Confinement in Chernobyl

Agreement reached under German G7 Presidency
29.04.2015 Laws against biopiracy protect biodiversity
24.04.2015 Hendricks: the nuclear ruins of Chernobyl must be permanently and safely sealed off from the environment
21.04.2015 More funding for climate action in developing countries
25.03.2015 Botswana: International summit on illegal wildlife trade sends signal for species protection
24.03.2015 Minister Hendricks wants to maintain the scope for remunicipalisation of water management
21.03.2015 Bonn Challenge on track to meet ambitious restoration goal by 2020
13.03.2015 Germany makes resource efficiency a priority of its G7 Presidency
06.03.2015 Hendricks: Europe presents ambitious contribution for climate conference in Paris
12.02.2015 Climate negotiations in Geneva

Work of contact group on item 3 - Negotiating text
09.02.2015 Vienna Declaration adopted

Vienna Declaration on Nuclear Safety
02.02.2015 Indo-German cooperation to be stepped up
21.01.2015 Federal Environment Minister Hendricks travelling to India next week for political talks

Focus on climate action, sustainable development goals, water and resource efficiency/Indo-German Environment Forum in New Delhi
12.01.2015 Barbara Hendricks: We need biodiversity for sustainable development
22.12.2014 World's largest solar power complex to be built in Morocco with support from the German Government
16.12.2014 Germany takes over presidency of Alpine Conference
14.12.2014 Lima Climate summit smooths the way for a comprehensive climate agreement
11.12.2014 International climate finance well-invested
17.12.2014 2015: international year of soil conservation

Federal Environment Ministry to step up efforts in soil conservation
03.12.2014 Paving the way for global SDGs
22.11.2014 International community agrees on more funding to protect the ozone layer
21.11.2014 Minister Hendricks: Green economy will be guiding principle of cooperation in the Alpine region
20.11.2014 Green Climate Fund an encouraging sign for global climate agreement
19.11.2014 Green Climate Fund

Background paper
17.11.2014 Schwarzelühr-Sutter: UN Sustainable Development Goals need to be verifiable
12.11.2014 USA and China important foundation for international climate agreement
11.11.2014 "Blue Angel" cooperating with eco-labels in China and Japan
10.11.2014 Minister Hendricks: Better times ahead for migratory birds
02.11.2014 Two degree target can still be achieved

IPCC adopts assessment report
01.11.2014 Factsheet: Germany's contribution to international climate finance
06.10.2014 12th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the CBD
24.10.2014 Europe sends a positive and important signal for international climate negotiations
17.10.2014 Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity: Conserving biological diversity essential for sustainable development
17.10.2014 Chernobyl sarcophagus: Completion still not guaranteed

German G7 Presidency endeavours to secure additional funds
10.10.2014 Minister Hendricks: the Sino-German environmental partnership is making good progress

Successful talks at the third Sino-German intergovernmental consultations
10.10.2014 International agreement to prevent biopiracy takes effect
06.10.2014 Global biodiversity conference reviews progress in fight for biological diversity
25.09.2014 Hendricks cuts the ribbon to open newly renovated German Embassy building in Washington
24.09.2014 Hendricks positive about results of UN Climate Summit in New York
Number of all entries: 123
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