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Multilateral Cooperation

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16.11.2015 Germany: No more flaring of gas
11.11.2015 Hendricks expects China to play a constructive role at the Paris climate summit
06.11.2015 Minister Hendricks travelling to China for political talks
30.10.2015 UNFCCC report on INDCs for Paris unveiled
29.10.2015 State Secretary Adler: German companies' water management expertise benefits the economy and the environment
24.10.2015 Minister Hendricks: Time for the final sprint to Paris
15.10.2015 Germany joins Nagoya Protocol against biopiracy
05.10.2015 Indo-German Joint Statement on Climate Change and Energy Technology Cooperation
02.10.2015 Hanover Declaration

Local Governments Driving Transformation
01.10.2015 Germany and Romania strengthen climate policy cooperation
01.10.2015 Opening of international conference on municipal climate action
01.10.2015 German State Secretaries make joint trip to Kyiv
24.09.2015 State Secretary Flasbarth: Sustainable chemistry is more than chemical safety
21.09.2015 Flasbarth calls for the automobile industry to conduct a thorough investigation into the extent of manipulation
18.09.2015 Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks attends UN Sustainable Development Summit in New York
15.09.2015 International Marine Conservation Conference in Stralsund
11.09.2015 Germany and Ecuador resume environmental cooperation
10.09.2015 Ministers prepare for Paris Climate Change Conference

New climate agreement will also contain long-term climate change adaptation targets
03.09.2015 Tunisia promoting solar energy – with German assistance
31.08.2015 Carbon Pricing: Exploring Scope for Ambitious Climate Action
21.08.2015 Minister Hendricks welcomes Joint Statement on Climate Change with Brazil

Another boost on the road to Paris
21.08.2015 Brazilian – German Joint Statement on Climate Change
21.08.2015 Germany supports Central America in forest restoration
19.08.2015 Launch of new project “Climate action and energy efficiency in the hotel and catering industry”
17.08.2015 Germany and Brazil intensify cooperation on forest protection and climate action
14.08.2015 Environment Minister Hendricks supports conservation of transboundary wetlands in the Nile basin
03.08.2015 International community sets itself new goals for poverty reduction and environmental protection

Hendricks: Historic decision!
03.08.2015 G7 countries outline measures against marine litter
30.07.2015 UN Resolution against poaching

German-Gabon initiative leads to adoption of a Resolution on tackling illicit trafficking in wildlife at the UN General Assembly
29.07.2015 In the run-up to the Paris climate summit - international conference in Hanover on 1 and 2 October presents municipalities as leaders in climate action
27.07.2015 Road towards first Alpine conference
21.07.2015 Youth at the top - environmental education at great heights
14.07.2015 Hendricks at climate conference in Israel: "Climate action is a driver of innovation"
10.07.2015 Experience climate change close up

We are Alps Tour 2015
30.06.2015 UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon commends German climate finance support
18.06.2015 New Solar Radiation Atlas to promote climate action in India
05.06.2015 Affirming deep cooperation with China on Climate Change
01.06.2015 Hendricks: reducing demand is key in the fight against the poaching of elephants and rhinos
01.06.2015 German-Polish Cooperation - A low-emission economy starts with municipalities
29.05.2015 Germany joins World Bank‘s Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition
19.05.2015 Petersberg Climate Dialogue VI: Documents
19.05.2015 Political will for climate action is greater than ever

Sixth Petersberg Climate Dialogue prepares for Paris conference
15.05.2015 Background paper: 6th Petersberg Climate Dialogue
15.05.2015 Hendricks and Fabius host Climate Dialogue

Ministers from all over the world prepare for Climate Summit in Paris
05.05.2015 Hendricks: New sustainable development goals also apply to us
29.04.2015 Financing secured for completion of New Safe Confinement in Chernobyl

Agreement reached under German G7 Presidency
29.04.2015 Laws against biopiracy protect biodiversity
24.04.2015 Hendricks: the nuclear ruins of Chernobyl must be permanently and safely sealed off from the environment
21.04.2015 More funding for climate action in developing countries
25.03.2015 Botswana: International summit on illegal wildlife trade sends signal for species protection
Number of all entries: 212