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Press Statements / Speeches

Number of all entries: 86
Press Number
03.08.2015 No. 196/15 International community sets itself new goals for poverty reduction and environmental protection

Hendricks: Historic decision!
03.08.2015 No. 195/15 G7 countries outline measures against marine litter
29.07.2015 No. 193/15 In the run-up to the Paris climate summit - international conference in Hanover on 1 and 2 October presents municipalities as leaders in climate action
14.07.2015 No. 169/15 Hendricks at climate conference in Israel: "Climate action is a driver of innovation"
30.06.2015 No. 158/15 UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon commends German climate finance support
18.06.2015 No. 143/15 New Solar Radiation Atlas to promote climate action in India
01.06.2015 No. 122/15 Hendricks: reducing demand is key in the fight against the poaching of elephants and rhinos
29.05.2015 No. 120/15 Germany joins World Bank‘s Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition
19.05.2015 No. 111/15 Political will for climate action is greater than ever

Sixth Petersberg Climate Dialogue prepares for Paris conference
15.05.2015 No. 107/15 Hendricks and Fabius host Climate Dialogue

Ministers from all over the world prepare for Climate Summit in Paris
05.05.2015 No. 100/15 Hendricks: New sustainable development goals also apply to us
29.04.2015 No. 095/15 Financing secured for completion of New Safe Confinement in Chernobyl

Agreement reached under German G7 Presidency
29.04.2015 No. 094/15 Laws against biopiracy protect biodiversity
24.04.2015 No. 089/15 Hendricks: the nuclear ruins of Chernobyl must be permanently and safely sealed off from the environment
21.04.2015 No. 086/15 More funding for climate action in developing countries
25.03.2015 No. 064/15 Botswana: International summit on illegal wildlife trade sends signal for species protection
24.03.2015 No. 060/15 Minister Hendricks wants to maintain the scope for remunicipalisation of water management
21.03.2015 No. 059/15 Bonn Challenge on track to meet ambitious restoration goal by 2020
13.03.2015 No. 051/15 Germany makes resource efficiency a priority of its G7 Presidency
06.03.2015 No. 045/15 Hendricks: Europe presents ambitious contribution for climate conference in Paris
21.01.2015 No. 016/15 Federal Environment Minister Hendricks travelling to India next week for political talks

Focus on climate action, sustainable development goals, water and resource efficiency/Indo-German Environment Forum in New Delhi
12.01.2015 No. 001/15 Barbara Hendricks: We need biodiversity for sustainable development
22.12.2014 No. 270/14 World's largest solar power complex to be built in Morocco with support from the German Government
16.12.2014 No. 260/14 Germany takes over presidency of Alpine Conference
14.12.2014 No. 259/14 Lima Climate summit smooths the way for a comprehensive climate agreement
11.12.2014 No. 258/14 International climate finance well-invested
17.12.2014 No. 251/14 2015: international year of soil conservation

Federal Environment Ministry to step up efforts in soil conservation
03.12.2014 No. 247/14 Paving the way for global SDGs
22.11.2014 No. 235/14 International community agrees on more funding to protect the ozone layer
21.11.2014 No. 233/14 Minister Hendricks: Green economy will be guiding principle of cooperation in the Alpine region
20.11.2014 No. 230/14 Green Climate Fund an encouraging sign for global climate agreement
17.11.2014 No. 225/14 Schwarzelühr-Sutter: UN Sustainable Development Goals need to be verifiable
12.11.2014 No. 218/14 USA and China important foundation for international climate agreement
11.11.2014 No. 216/14 "Blue Angel" cooperating with eco-labels in China and Japan
10.11.2014 No. 212/14 Minister Hendricks: Better times ahead for migratory birds
02.11.2014 No. 206/14 Two degree target can still be achieved

IPCC adopts assessment report
24.10.2014 No. 200/14 Europe sends a positive and important signal for international climate negotiations
17.10.2014 No. 195/14 Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity: Conserving biological diversity essential for sustainable development
17.10.2014 No. 193/14 Chernobyl sarcophagus: Completion still not guaranteed

German G7 Presidency endeavours to secure additional funds
10.10.2014 No. 189/14 International agreement to prevent biopiracy takes effect
06.10.2014 No. 184/14 Global biodiversity conference reviews progress in fight for biological diversity
25.09.2014 No. 178/14 Hendricks cuts the ribbon to open newly renovated German Embassy building in Washington
24.09.2014 No. 176/14 Hendricks positive about results of UN Climate Summit in New York
23.09.2014 No. 174/14 Ban Ki-moon Summit: Hendricks promotes ambitious climate targets
23.09.2014 No. 173/14 New York Climate Summit launches new initiatives to protect forests
17.09.2014 No. 166/14 Climate protection requires immediate action with long-term results

New WBGU Special Report "Climate Protection as a World Citizen Movement"
16.09.2014 No. 163/14 Hendricks: New report on climate and growth sends right message at the right time
15.09.2014 Nr. 162/14 BMUB participates in new World Bank fund for climate projects in developing countries
15.09.2014 Nr. 161/14 Hole in ozone layer getting smaller
12.09.2014 No. 159/14 Better protection for sharks worldwide
Number of all entries: 86
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