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Press Statements / Speeches

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Press Number
26.08.2016 No. 196/16 Cuba Seeks to Expand Role of Renewable Energy

Cuba and IRENA host workshop on integrating higher shares of renewable energy
21.07.2016 No. 180/16 Hendricks sponsors twin snow leopard cubs Anusha and Askar
20.07.2016 No. 179/16 First meeting of the Global Restoration Council in Bonn
19.07.2016 No. 176/16 Global Sustainable Development Goals: Germany submits its efforts to critical review

At UN Forum on Sustainable Development in New York, German government reports about its first efforts to implement the SDGs
18.07.2016 No. 175/16 Special BMUB award supports establishment of sustainable infrastructures
13.07.2016 How the world’s northernmost village studies climate change
11.07.2016 No. 170/16 Hendricks: The Arctic is an early warning system for global climate change

Minister visits research stations on Svalbard
06.07.2016 No. 163/16 Germany begins ratification of Paris Agreement

Federal Cabinet adopts draft act
05.07.2016 No. 161/16 Petersberg Climate Dialogue: momentum for implementation of the Paris Agreement
04.07.2016 No. 160/16 New partnership aims to help developing countries implement the Paris Agreement

German Ministry for the Environment and Building and German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development present their initiative at the Petersberg Climate Dialogue
01.07.2016 No. 159/16 Hendricks and Mezouar host Climate Dialogue

Ministers from all over the world discuss the implementation of the Paris Agreement
22.06.2016 No. 148/16 BMUB supports Lithuania in environmental protection
22.06.2016 No. 146/16 Mexico-Germany Dual Year: Flasbarth at Sustainability Week
21.06.2016 No. 144/16 Minister Hendricks: "We have to take a more responsible approach to plastics and plastic waste"

International conference on plastics in freshwater environments
16.06.2016 No. 139/16 A living rhino is worth more than its horn

BMUB launches campaign in Berlin underground against poaching and for wildlife protection
13.06.2016 Summary of 4th Sino-German government consultations
11.06.2016 No. 131/16 Parliamentary State Secretary Schwarzelühr-Sutter at the 4th Sino-German government consultations

China is key partner in implementation of Paris Agreement and the new 2030 Agenda
10.06.2016 No. 130/16 Germany helps Ukraine with urban development and municipal heat supply
08.06.2016 No. 129/16 Sustainable tourism in the Alpine region
02.06.2016 No. 124/16 Germany and India strengthen cooperation on smart cities
29.05.2016 No. 120/16 State Secretary Flasbarth: UN Environment Assembly is key platform for solving global environmental problems
24.05.2016 No. 116/16 State Secretary Flasbarth travels to UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi

Focus on enforcement of Sustainable Development Goals
24.05.2016 No. 115/16 Germany and Iran intensify cooperation on sustainable urban development and building
20.05.2016 No. 110/16 Barbara Hendricks: We now have better options than nuclear power

Federal Environment Minister Hendricks sums up visit to Japan
20.05.2016 No. 109/16 Federal Environment Ministry supports international marine conservation
16.05.2016 No. 107/16 Bonn climate negotiations: Implementation phase of Paris Agreement begins
15.05.2016 No. 106/16 Hendricks calls for global transformation in resource use

The United Nations and the OECD push for greater efforts in resource efficiency
13.05.2016 BMUB International Climate Initiative Fellow wins Green Oscar Award
12.05.2016 No. 105/16 Minister Hendricks travels to G7 Environment Ministers' Meeting in Japan

Informational visit to Fukushima reactor site planned
09.05.2016 No. 099/16 Federal Building Ministry strengthens Bonn as UN location

Minister Hendricks and Mayor Sridharan sign grant agreement
07.05.2016 No. 098/16 Significant improvements in global protection of nuclear material against theft and sabotage
25.04.2016 No. 089/16 Minister Hendricks: We must complete nuclear phase-out responsibly and safely
22.04.2016 No. 088/16 Federal Environment Minister Hendricks signs Paris Agreement
20.04.2016 No. 085/16 Good for business and the climate: energy efficiency in Alpine region hotels and restaurants

Florian Pronold opens international workshop
18.04.2016 No. 082/16 BMUB supports China in emissions trading
15.04.2016 No. 079/16 Implementation of Paris Agreement: IPCC to publish special report on 1.5 degree global warming
14.04.2016 No. 078/16 Minister Hendricks travelling to China for political talks
24.03.2016 No. 066/16 Global investments in renewable energies rise to a record high of 286 billion dollars
22.03.2016 No. 064/16 20 new UNESCO biosphere reserves

Recognition of new model regions for sustainable development
09.03.2016 No. 052/16 Federal Cabinet approves signing of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change
16.03.2016 No. 049/16 Federal Building Minister Opens International Conference on Sustainable Building
07.03.2016 No. 048/16 Germany and India to cooperate on the 100 Smart Cities programme
29.02.2016 No. 040/16 The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) presents global report on the state of pollinators
26.02.2016 No. 037/16 Federal Building Minister Barbara Hendricks strengthens Bonn as UN location
16.02.2016 No. 029/16 Germany and Russia wish to expand cooperation on climate protection and nature conservation
09.02.2016 No. 026/16 Joining forces to protect the Danube

Danube Conference in Vienna adopts raft of measures
01.02.2016 No. 021/16 Berlin and Brussels aim to intensify cooperation on nuclear safety

Minister Hendricks in Brussels for meeting on Belgian nuclear power plants
12.12.2015 No. 344/15 Climate summit makes history

First global climate agreement adopted
10.12.2015 No. 343/15 Minister Hendricks: We need to put a price on carbon

G7 opens Carbon Market Platform to countries worldwide
10.12.2015 No. 342/15 Alps give momentum to Paris negotiations
Local authorities in Alpine region appeal to climate summit
Number of all entries: 172