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Press Statements / Speeches

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Press Number
14.02.2017 No. 058/17 Climate and environmental protection cooperation with Russia gains fresh momentum
State Secretary Flasbarth in Moscow for climate and environmental policy talks
09.02.2017 No. 052/17 Germany and Brazil: "No rowing back after the Paris Agreement"
State Secretary Flasbarth attends political talks in Brazil and Argentina
08.02.2017 No. 049/17 State Secretary Flasbarth: "Our goal is the worldwide safe and sustainable use of chemicals"
International UN conference on chemicals management starts in Brazil
07.02.2017 No. 048/17 Minister Hendricks calls for cooperation to make UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn a success
Federal Environment Minister and UNFCCC Executive Secretary Espinosa agree close collaboration
06.02.2017 No. 047/17 South Africa and Germany to cooperate more closely on urban development
State Secretary Adler travels to Cape Town and Johannesburg for political talks
03.02.2017 No. 045/17 Schwarzelühr-Sutter to travel to Japan for political talks
Climate action and technology will be focus of discussions
03.02.2017 No. 044/17 Minister Hendricks continues export initiative for environmental technologies
Funding programme for environmental protection "made in Germany"
18.01.2017 No. 016/17 New Liability Rules for Antarctica
12.01.2017 No. 008/17 Germany and the Czech Republic reaffirm: the largest forest in Central Europe continues to be under joint protection
Environment State Secretary Jochen Flasbarth: "We aim to identify new flagship projects on environmental protection and climate action."
11.01.2017 No. 006/17 BMUB awards new round of climate fellowships
International network for decision makers in climate and environmental policy continues to grow
19.12.2016 No. 331/16 Federal Environment Minister Hendricks welcomes outcome of Biodiversity Conference in Cancún
19.12.2016 Nr. 329/16 Germany and Belgium want to improve exchange of information on nuclear power plants
Agreement signed on nuclear safety
16.12.2016 No. 327/16 Leipzig prizes for integrated urban development awarded in Ukraine
State Secretary Adler and Minister Zubko honour three cities in Ukraine
15.12.2016 No. 325/16 Germany and Poland support municipalities in climate-friendly management
State Secretary Flasbarth: "Many cities in both countries are taking climate action"
12.12.2016 No. 321/16 Global Stocktake of Biological Diversity underway
Professor Josef Settele appointed co-chair of the team of authors
07.12.2016 No. 315/16 Federal Environment Minister Hendricks chairs meeting of the Chinese government’s Environment Advisory Council
05.12.2016 No. 313/16 Parliamentary State Secretary Schwarzelühr-Sutter warns: "We must not relax our efforts on nuclear security"
International Conference on Nuclear Security in Vienna
04.12.2016 No. 311/16 UN Biodiversity Conference: countries commit to phasing out subsidies harmful to nature
Ministers send an unequivocal signal to the agriculture, fisheries, forestry and tourism sectors
29.11.2016 No. 306/16 Minister Hendricks: "Chernobyl is a sombre reminder of the grave mistakes of nuclear power"
25.11.2016 No. 296/16 Federal Minister Hendricks to take part in UN Biodiversity Conference in Mexico
Conference to mainstream conservation of biodiversity into agriculture, forestry, fisheries and tourism
18.11.2016 No. 289/16 Minister Hendricks: "Paris is working"
Marrakech sends a clear signal: The Paris Agreement is now being implemented
18.11.2016 No. 288/16 Germany and California vow to expand cooperation on climate and environment
17.11.2016 No. 286/16 Barbara Hendricks visits the world’s largest solar power complex in Morocco
16.11.2016 No. 284/16 Germany to pay additional 50 million euros into the Adaptation Fund
16.11.2016 No. 283/16 BMUB supports modern circular economy in megacities
State Secretary Adler backs flexible, targeted solutions in utilities supply and waste management
15.11.2016 No. 282/16 Working together against climate change: Germany launches global partnership to implement Paris climate agreement
11.11.2016 No. 279/16 Germany helping Vietnam in detection of heavy metal contamination
State Secretary Adler visits Vietnam
07.11.2016 No. 272/16 Hendricks helps Jordan increase energy efficiency in water management
03.11.2016 No. 267/16 Hendricks: Global climate action becomes international law
Paris Agreement enters into force on 4 November
21.10.2016 No. 252/16 Germany strengthens cooperation with Peru
20.10.2016 No. 251/16 International community agrees on guiding principles for social and ecological urban development
Habitat III Conference adopts New Urban Agenda
15.10.2016 No. 249/16 Hendricks: Kigali agreement is a milestone in fighting climate change
Deal to cut the worldwide use of climate-damaging refrigerants
13.10.2016 No. 247/16 Minister Hendricks: Alps to be model region for sustainable economic practices in Europe
Alpine Conference: German Presidency a success
12.10.2016 No. 246/16 Habitat III: The cities are the key to a sustainable and climate-friendly world
UN Conference on sustainable urban development in Quito from 17 to 20 October
08.10.2016 No. 243/16 Hendricks welcomes first steps towards climate action in aviation
International Civil Aviation Organization agrees carbon offsetting and reduction scheme
07.10.2016 No. 242/16 Minister Hendricks: Ban Ki-moon instrumental in achieving climate agreement
Symbolic presentation of German ratification instrument
05.10.2016 No. 238/16 Paris Agreement enters into force
Germany deposits instrument of ratification
05.10.2016 No. 235/16 Hendricks: Good news for threatened species
CITES Conference in Johannesburg concludes successfully
03.10.2016 Hendricks: World unites for species protection
Important preliminary decisions at CITES Conference in Johannesburg
26.09.2016 No. 230/16 Hendricks supports cooperation between Rwanda and El Salvador on forest restoration
21.09.2016 No. 228/16 Paris Agreement clears first hurdle
19.09.2016 No. 226/16 Hendricks to take part in International Species Conservation Conference in South Africa
An African trip that will also include stops in Rwanda and Kenya
16.09.2016 No. 225/16 State Secretary Adler: "We must work together to save the oceans"
09.09.2016 No. 217/16 Environment Ministry and Chemical Industry Association aim to halt nitrous oxide emissions
05.09.2016 No. 210/16 Winning design announced for Tel Aviv's White City Heritage Centre
Holzer Kobler Architekturen wins concept call
05.09.2016 No. 209/16 Commitment to global forest restoration pays off
New pledges at the IUCN World Conservation Congress
02.09.2016 No. 208/16 German-Ukrainian cooperation on sustainable urban development is taking off
Leipzig prize for sustainable urban development in Ukraine
29.08.2016 No. 199/16 Germany and Lithuania reaffirm cooperation on energy efficiency
26.08.2016 No. 196/16 Cuba Seeks to Expand Role of Renewable Energy
Cuba and IRENA host workshop on integrating higher shares of renewable energy
25.08.2016 No. 194/16 Germany supports restoration of forests in Latin AmericaStart of the second regional conference on specific forest projects in Central and South America in Panama City
Number of all entries: 221