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The further drafting of international regulations on chemicals management will be discussed at the UN conference on chemicals management in Brasília. During his opening speech at the conference, State Secretary Jochen Flasbarth advocated greater ambition in chemicals policy. The UN conference aims to draw up proposals for shaping long-term international chemicals and waste policy by 2020. more

The Federal Environment Ministry advocates further amendments to the EU Chemicals Regulation REACH. These were the major points of Jochen Flasbarth in his opening remarks at the 3rd REACH Congress in Berlin. 200 experts from trade and industry, science and administration are meeting to discuss how to further develop the European Chemicals Regulation and how to strengthen consumer protection regarding hazardous chemicals. more

Detection of chemicals in everyday products, such as flame retardants and plasticisers, is being further improved. The Federal Environment Ministry and the Federal Environment Agency are working together with the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI) to develop the necessary methods. These three organisations have been cooperating together in this field since 2010. more

In his opening speech at the international conference "Sustainable Chemistry" Jochen Flasbarth called for the international community to make every effort to make the production and use of chemicals safer worldwide and protect people and the environment from harmful effects. The establishment of an internationally active competence centre is planned that will help shape future international chemicals policy.  more

Manufacturers are obliged to inform their customers and consumers if more than 0.1 percent by mass of a SVHC is present in a article. This applies also when the article is incorporated into a more complex product. Barbara Hendricks has welcomed the decision of the European Court of Justice as an important victory for consumer protection.  more

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