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The federal government’s NanoDialogue makes a valuable contribution to responsible use of nanotechnologies in Germany. The principle of prevention is a direct part of many of the technical innovations in the sector. Three hundred experts from the scientific community, industry, authorities and associations use the NanoDialogue as their central platform to discuss questions surrounding this technology. more

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Various representatives came together at a meeting organised by the Federal Environment Ministry to discuss the opportunities and risks of using nanotechnology in the food industry. The objective of the fourth expert dialogue in the 4th phase is to discuss issues relating to the impacts that nanomaterials in products in the food industry would have on the environment and health. more

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The 9th International Nano-Authorities Dialogue took place on 10 and 11 June 2015 at the invitation of the Agency of Environment of the principality of Liechtenstein. The BMUB is a member of the steering group in which topics and the organisation of the dialogue are decided on. This year, more than 50 representatives from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein addressed the topic "governance and regulation of nanomaterials". mehr

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The interim results of the EU project NANoREG show that the material research focuses not only on innovation but also on the regulation for the responsible use of nanomaterials. The BMUB support the sustainable development of nanotechnologies and expect further impetus for safe production, use and application of nanomaterials. more

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Representatives of the scientific community, industry, environmental associations, government and government agencies met on 19 May on the invitation of the BMUB. At the conference the discussion focused on nanotechnology procedures for eliminating pollutants and for avoiding potential risks from nanomaterials in groundwater, surface water and drinking water.  more