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27.10.2017 Meeting documents Expert dialogue 2
Opportunities and risks of the application of nanotechnologies in the automotive sector
01.06.2017 Meeting documents 5th dialogue phase: Expert dialogue 1
Opportunities and Risks of the Application of Nanotechnologies in the Construction Sector
01.09.2016 Report Joint research strategy of the higher federal authorities
13.10.2015 Report 4th dialogue phase: Expert dialogue 4 - Use of nanomaterials in the food sector
29.01.2015 Report 4th phase: FachDialogue 3
Nanotechnologies and Waste
01.03.2015 Project report The EU NANoREG Project
29.08.2014 Research Report Nanomaterials – a new challenge in the assessment of chemicals in the environment
01.08.2014 Documentation 4th phase: FachDialogue 2
Nanotechnologies and the aquatic environment
02.12.2013 Report 4th phase: FachDialogue 1
01.01.2012 Report 3rd phase: FachDialogue 4
The potentials of research to strengthen the business location
01.12.2012 Research Report Investigation of two widely used nanomaterials (TiO2, Ag) for ecotoxicological long-term effects - adaptation of the test guidelines
01.12.2012 Research Report Investigation of widely used nanomaterials in standardised ecotoxicological tests for characterising these substances
01.10.2012 Report 3rd phase: FachDialogue 3
Sustainable nanotechnologies
01.10.2012 Conference documents 3rd phase: FachDialogue 2
Traceability of nanomaterials
01.04.2012 Report 3rd phase: FachDialogue 1
Assessment tools for nanomaterials
01.08.2012 Research report Environmental risks of nanomaterials
01.11.2011 Documentation 2nd phase
01.05.2010 Report Legal feasibility study on the introduction of a nanoproduct register
01.05.2009 Documentation 1st phase