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On 12 June Environmental State Secretary Jochen Flasbarth and Jorge Galdames, Environment Minister of Honduras, opened the 3rd Bonn Challenge Latin America America in Roatá, Honduras. Following El Salvador in 2015 and Panama in 2016, the forest-rich Honduras is now the third Central American country to pursue an ambitious reforestation programme through the Bonn Challenge. The BMUB is supporting the country in these efforts. more

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The EU Habitats Directive was adopted on 21 May 1992. The Directive establishes the basis for the European Natura 2000 network of protected areas and provides large-scale protection for endangered plants, animals and habitats. Covering more than 18 per cent of the EU’s land surface, Natura 2000 is the world’s largest network of protected areas. more

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An important goal of the Federal Environment Ministry's international nature conservation and climate policy has been achieved. The Bonn Challenge for forest restoration, launched by Germany, has succeeded in inspiring countries to make pledges totalling 150 million hectares. The target line was crossed yesterday at the first Asia Bonn Challenge regional meeting in Palembang, Indonesia. more

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The Indonesian government, with support from the Federal Environment Ministry, wants to reforest 2 million hectares of peatland by 2020. Today, the first regional meeting on forest restoration begins in Palembang, Indonesia to promote this and other good ideas and strategies for forest restoration. State Secretary at the Federal Environment Ministry, Jochen Flasbarth, is representing Germany at the event. more

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The United Nations General Assembly adopted a Strategic Plan for Forests. The German government welcomes this step – Germany was one of the countries that had lobbied for a global forest strategy. The Strategic Plan will lay the groundwork for linking the various international activities concerned with forests more closely together. The aim is to achieve sustainable management of the planet’s forests. more

2011 - 2020, United Nations Decade on Biodiversity

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