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A film project about the impact of global warming on nature and human life in the Caribbean. The film combines factual information about climate change, coral reefs and other coastal ecosystems with pictures, animations and music. The first screening took place in Bonn on 11 June. It was followed by a panel discussion with representatives of Caribbean States and the filmmakers. more

At the 39th session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in Bonn, the Committee was holding talks on the status of a wide number of World Cultural and Natural Heritage properties. Hamburg's Speicherstadt and Kontorhaus District with the Chilehaus had been nominated, among others, for inclusion in World Heritage List. more

62 sites in Germany with a total surface area of 31,000 ha will be returned to nature. This decision was taken by the federal budget committee of the Bundestag. The sites in question are government-owned derelict military sites which will not be put up for privatisation but dedicated to nature conservation purposes.  This brings the nature conservation area permanently under management of the federal government up to 156,000 ha. more 

Mangrove at a coastal area. In the background: a sailing ship.

The oceans are our planet's largest ecosystem and cover 71 per cent of the Earth's surface. They provide people with a source of food and act as transport routes; they constitute a source of energy, are home to countless forms of life, produce oxygen, influence the climate and do much more besides. However, they are also increasingly faced with dangers such as pollution, overfishing, oceanic warming and acidification. more

In the fight against the poaching of elephants and rhinos, the Federal Environment Ministry is putting increased emphasis on measures to reduce demand. New projects aim to help dry up the black market for ivory and rhinoceros horn. The Federal Environment Ministry is making available three million euros for the first time this year for the fight against poaching and the illegal wildlife trade in Africa and Asia. more

2011 - 2020, United Nations Decade on Biodiversity

World Heritage Certificate for UN Decade on Biodiversity


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