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Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks welcomed the outcome of the pledging conference on 29 April for replenishing the Chernobyl Shelter Fund. The G7 countries and the EU Commission committed to paying an additional 165 million euros into the Fund. Other countries pledged a further 15 million euros. In addition, other countries expressed their willingness to make contributions in the future. more

Germany is currently preparing a Programme for the Responsible and Safe Management of Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste (National Programme). The BMUB conducts a Strategic Environmental Assessment regarding the Draft National Programme. Authorities and the public from neighbouring countries have the opportunity to comment on the National Programme and its environmental report until the 24th June 2015. more

Nuclear power plant

Four years after the natural disaster in Japan, Barbara Hendricks commemorates the many victims and reminds of the devastating consequences of the nuclear accident for human beings, nature and the environment. For the planned phase out of nuclear power until 2022, she called the highest possible safety standards of the remaining nuclear power plants the top priority. more

Two flags waving in the wind.

Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks firmly expects that the French nuclear power plant Fessenheim will be taken offline by 2017 as previously announced. In a letter to Hendricks, French Environment Minister Ségolène Royal confirmed that President Hollande was committed to closing Fessenheim by the end of his term. The legal basis for this is expected to be adopted in the first half of 2015. more

View on nuclear power plant Grohnde in the region Emsland.

The first Europe-wide approach to dealing with severe nuclear accidents, developed at the German Environment Ministry’s initiative, was published on 24 November. It provides a standardised scheme for assessing the state of a nuclear facility. 21 experts from 14 countries made recommendations on how to plan for countermeasures to protect the public during the early phase of a severe nuclear accident. more

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