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Recommendations by RSK, SSK; RSK Guidelines

(Other rules and regulations on the safety of nuclear power plants)

With regard to important issues concerning licensing and supervision procedures, the development of rules and regulations or safety research, the BMUB commissions the Reactor Safety Commission – RSK (Reaktor-Sicherheitskommission), the Nuclear Waste Management Commission – ESK (Entsorgungskommission) and the Commission on Radiological Protection – SSK (Strahlenschutzkommission) to give advice. The commissions can also provide advice on their own initiative. Depending on the issue at hand, Länder authorities, experts, operators or the industry also participate in the discussions. The results of these discussions are statements or recommendations for the BMUB. After own verification, the BMUB initiates the implementation of the results in the respectively appropriate manner.

The so-called RSK guidelines (in German, external PDF, 271 KB) play a special role. In the last version of these guidelines of 1996, the RSK compiled the fundamental safety requirements for nuclear power plants with pressurised water reactors. The RSK uses these guidelines as a basis of its advisory work and recommendations. The RSK deviates from them if the state of the art in science and technology has meanwhile changed in specific areas.

The nuclear licensing authorities of the Länder have taken the RSK guidelines as a substantial part of the assessment basis within the framework of the regulatory guidance instruments for plants whose licences on the site and safety concept were to be granted after entry into force of the RSK guideline and made them binding for the plant operator by the licence permit. For plants that were granted a licence before, the RSK guidelines were referred to for assessing the adequacy of the further development of plant safety.

Last update: 15.10.2013