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Press Statements / Speeches

Press Number
25.01.2017 No. 030/17 Progress on nuclear phase-out continues
Decommissioning and dismantling licence granted for Isar 1 nuclear power plant
19.12.2016 Nr. 329/16 Germany and Belgium want to improve exchange of information on nuclear power plants
Agreement signed on nuclear safety
05.12.2016 No. 313/16 Parliamentary State Secretary Schwarzelühr-Sutter warns: "We must not relax our efforts on nuclear security"
International Conference on Nuclear Security in Vienna
29.11.2016 No. 306/16 Minister Hendricks: "Chernobyl is a sombre reminder of the grave mistakes of nuclear power"
20.05.2016 No. 110/16 Barbara Hendricks: We now have better options than nuclear power
Federal Environment Minister Hendricks sums up visit to Japan
12.05.2016 No. 105/16 Minister Hendricks travels to G7 Environment Ministers' Meeting in Japan
Informational visit to Fukushima reactor site planned
07.05.2016 No. 098/16 Significant improvements in global protection of nuclear material against theft and sabotage
25.04.2016 No. 089/16 Minister Hendricks: We must complete nuclear phase-out responsibly and safely
20.04.2016 No. 083/16 Nuclear safety experts advocate further tests on Tihange 2 and Doel 3
Minister Hendricks: Nuclear power plants should be taken off grid during testing
21.03.2016 No. 063/16 30 years after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster
Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks pays tribute to the victims and visits the site of the destroyed reactor
10.03.2016 No. 053/16 5 years after Fukushima: Nuclear power does not have a future
01.02.2016 No. 021/16 Berlin and Brussels aim to intensify cooperation on nuclear safety
Minister Hendricks in Brussels for meeting on Belgian nuclear power plants
27.01.2016 No. 017/16 Hendricks to speak with Belgian deputy prime minister about Doel and Tihange
12.01.2016 No. 004/16 Hendricks has unresolved questions about the safety of Doel and Tihange
28.06.2015 No. 155/15 Minister Hendricks: Nuclear phase-out progressing
Grafenrheinfeld nuclear power plant shut down ahead of schedule
19.06.2015 No. 148/15 Hendricks presents concept for taking back castor casks
Radioactive waste to be stored at four sites
27.05.2015 No. 117/15 Cabinet adopts amendments
to the Atomic Energy Act
EU legislative requirements are being implemented
29.04.2015 No. 095/15 Financing secured for completion of New Safe Confinement in Chernobyl
Agreement reached under German G7 Presidency
24.04.2015 No. 089/15 Hendricks: the nuclear ruins of Chernobyl must be permanently and safely sealed off from the environment
20.03.2015 No. 057/15 Germany calls for swift completion of New Safe Confinement in Chernobyl
10.03.2015 No. 048/15 Minister Hendricks: Fukushima is a reminder of the risks of nuclear power
03.03.2015 No. 042/15 France remains committed to closure of Fessenheim
25.11.2014 No. 239/14 Denmark involves public in Germany in planning process for final repository
24.11.2014 No. 236/14 Agreement on a European approach for nuclear emergency planning
17.10.2014 No. 193/14 Chernobyl sarcophagus: Completion still not guaranteed
German G7 Presidency endeavours to secure additional funds
19.09.2014 No. 170/14 When will Swiss power plants be switched off?
Schwarzelühr-Sutter demands more clarity on Swiss nuclear phase out
30.04.2014 No. 074/14 Nuclear regulators meet in Berlin to discuss Fukushima impacts
10.03.2014 No. 039/14 On the occasion of the third anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks states: