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Nuclear power plant

Four years after the natural disaster in Japan, Barbara Hendricks commemorates the many victims and reminds of the devastating consequences of the nuclear accident for human beings, nature and the environment. For the planned phase out of nuclear power until 2022, she called the highest possible safety standards of the remaining nuclear power plants the top priority. more

View on nuclear power plant Grohnde in the region Emsland.

The first Europe-wide approach to dealing with severe nuclear accidents, developed at the German Environment Ministry’s initiative, was published on 24 November. It provides a standardised scheme for assessing the state of a nuclear facility. 21 experts from 14 countries made recommendations on how to plan for countermeasures to protect the public during the early phase of a severe nuclear accident. more

Blue/yellow European flag, among others, fluttering in front of a bulding

The Federal Environment Ministry supports the Council of the EU in its decision to revise European radiation protection law. The directive adopted on December 5 will help to improve the high level of protection of workers and the general public against the dangers from ionising radiation and enhance radiation protection in medicine. more

man using his cell phone, in the background there are satellite dishes

The new provisions on electromagnetic fields and the proof procedure under telecommunications law will enter into force on 22 August 2013. The ordinance amending the existing provisions has now been adopted by the Federal Government with the consent of the Bundestag and Bundesrat and contains in particular regulations on precautionary health protection.  more

Mann liegt in einer großen Röhre. Zweiter Mann fixiert seinen Kopf.

The Länder Committee for Nuclear Energy (LAA) - Main Committee - adopted the Directive "Radiation Protection in Medicine" (Radiation Protection Ordinance, StrlSchV) on 26 May 2011. more

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International Commission of Radiological Protection


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Electromagnetic fields (EMF) 


Lagerbehälter vor der Beladung mit Kernbrennstoff

Nuclear Safety & Security