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Strategies and reports

Green frog sitting on a leaf

On 4 February the German Cabinet adopted the Indicator Report 2014 under the National Strategy on Biological Diversity. The report shows that there is a wide gap between the present situation and the target values for almost all indicators, despite the many efforts that have already been made in this area. One of the largest deficits was found for the central indicator "species diversity and landscape quality". more

A car that is connected to an electric pump.

After well over 100 years of development of the combustion engine electric mobility marks the beginning of a new technological era in the traffic sector. Electrification of drives is a major factor for the mobility of the future. It provides the opportunity to reduce dependence on oil, minimise emissions and facilitate the integration of vehicles into a multimodal traffic system. mehr

Ice floes on the Ammersee in winter, setting sun in the background

On 17 December 2008 the Federal Cabinet adopted the German Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change. This creates a framework for adapting to the impacts of climate change in Germany. It primarily describes the contribution of the Federation, thus acting as a guide for other actors. The strategy lays the foundation for a medium-term. mehr

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