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Acts and Ordinances in Germany

27.06.2014 Annual reports on end-of-life vehicle reuse/recycling/recovery rates in Germany
16.06.2015 Amendment to the Batteries Act

Draft amendment of the Federal Government
28.11.2014 Questions and answers on compulsory deposits
11.08.2009 Federal Immission Control Act

BlmSchG - Act on the Prevention of Harmful Effects on the Environment Caused by Air Pollution, Noise, Vibration and Similar Phenomena
24.06.2014 EC Regulation concerning the export of non-hazardous waste to non-OECD countries
07.01.2014 German legislation on bio waste recovery
04.04.2013 BioAbfV: Bio-waste Ordinance

Ordinance on the Recovery of Bio-Waste on Land used for Agricultural, Silvicultural and Horticultural Purposes
30.10.2013 Amendment to Ordinance on Biowastes (BioAbfV) 2012

Promulgation of consolidated version in Federal Law Gazette
01.06.2012 Law on Closed Cycle Management

Reorganising the Law on Closed Cycle Management and Waste
01.03.2003 Waste Wood Ordinance
13.01.2010 Climate Protection Potential of Waste Management

Presentation of study on waste management and climate protection
01.01.2007 Ordinance on Environmentally Compatible Storage of Waste from Human Settlements and on Biological Waste-Treatment Facilities

(Abfallablagerungsverordnung - AbfAblV)
19.11.2008 Directive 2008/98/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on waste and repealing certain Directives
01.10.2007 European Sewage Sludge Directive (86/278/EEC)
01.09.2006 Municipal solid waste management in Germany

A new era has dawned in municipal solid waste management
01.08.2006 Four-country initiative on high-quality composts

Expert meeting initiated by the Federal Environment Ministry, together with Austria, Spain and Portugal, for increased biowaste collection in Europe, 31 May/1 June 2006 in Brussels
01.08.2005 Status Report on the Waste Sector’s Contribution to Climate Protection and Possible Potentials

Environmental Study
01.06.2002 End-of-Life Vehicles Act (AltfahrzeugG)

Act on the disposal of end-of-life vehicles
18.09.2000 EU Directive on end-of-life vehicles
Directive 2000/53/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on end-of-life vehicles