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Waste Management Statistics

Waste management in the Federal Republic of Germany has undergone major changes since the 1990s. The Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act and the related legal provisions are a significant step away from waste management based on disposal towards closed substance cycle management. Due to the drastically stepped up legal requirements, waste management has been contributing substantially to sustainable development in Germany over recent years.

The waste management sector in Germany has become an extensive and powerful economic sector in recent decades. An economical and responsible resource management is achieved through high rates of materials recovery and the consequent recovery of energy and secondary raw materials. Climate protection also benefits from these waste management measures due to, e.g. increased capacities in mechanical-biological pre-treatment of waste and the disposal ban for municipal waste without pre-treatment, which has been in force since 1 June 2005.

Overview of statistics on the different areas of waste management:

General data on waste management

End-of-life vehicles

Waste paper

Packaging waste