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A bend in the river, meadows and a sun-illuminated tree.

The Federal Environment Ministry welcomes the entry into force of the UN Watercourses Convention. Hitherto unwritten principles of international law on good neighbourly conduct between riparian countries of transboundary water bodies will be firmly enshrined in and further developed through the Convention, which entered into force on 17 August 2014. more

A crumpled plastic bottle located on a beach, beside running a crab

At the annual meeting of the OSPAR Convention in Portugal on 27 June, the countries bordering the North-East Atlantic agreed on a regional action plan. The bundle of measures contained in the action plan will ensure that in future considerably less litter enters North East Atlantic and also that some of the litter already in the sea is removed. more

A large meeting room.

Representatives of the scientific community, industry, environmental associations, government and government agencies met on 19 May on the invitation of the BMUB. At the conference the discussion focused on nanotechnology procedures for eliminating pollutants and for avoiding potential risks from nanomaterials in groundwater, surface water and drinking water.  more

Cover: 3 pictures of river landscapes with green vegetation and hills in background

The Water Framework Directive sets the ambitious goal of achieving "good status" for rivers, lakes, coastal waters, and groundwater by 2015. The management plans and programmes of measures for Germany’s ten river basins were issued in December 2009. In December 2012, a report on the implementation status of the programmes of measures was submitted to the European Commission.  more

a stream landscape

For more than 50 years, Germany and the Netherlands have worked together successfully in the countries' Boundary Water Commission. The Commission was founded with the aim of coordinating water management between the two countries. Since its first meeting in 1963, water quality has improved considerably. more

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