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Aug. 2014 Publication Water Resource Management in Germany
Sep. 2013 Publication Water Framework Directive
06.09.2012 Study Environmental Impacts of Fracking Related to Exploration and Exploitation of Unconventional Natural Gas Deposits
01.05.2011 Report 3R report
06.01.2011 Report Ecosystem Health of the Baltic Sea 2003–2007
24.09.2010 Declaration OSPAR: Bergen Statement 2010
18.01.2005 Act/Ordinance Promulgation of the Amendment to the Waste Water Charges Act
01.06.2010 Report OSPAR Quality Status Report 2010
20.05.2010 Declaration HELCOM Ministerial Declaration on the implementation of the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan
01.09.2008 Report Nitrates Report 2008
09.04.2008 Report IPCC Technical Paper on Climate Change and Water - Executive Summary
15.11.2007 Resolution HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan
23.10.2007 Directive Directive 2007/60/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the assessment and management of flood risks
01.02.2007 Publication New BMU Poster Series "Water is Life"
01.02.2007 Conference "Climate Change and the European Water Dimension: Vulnerability - Impacts - Adaptation"
01.12.2006 Act/Ordinance UNECE Water Convention Successful outcome of the fourth Meeting of the Parties on 20–22 November 2006 in Bonn
01.05.2005 Sonstiges New Flood Control Act enters into force
01.01.2005 Act/Ordinance Waste Water Ordinance - AbwV (Ordinance on Requirements for the Discharge of Waste Water into Waters)
01.11.2001 Act/Ordinance List of priority substances DECISION No 2455/2001/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL
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