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Press Statements / Speeches

Press Number
08.02.2017 No. 050/17 German government lays foundations for improved marine protection
Cabinet adopts amendment to the Federal Nature Conservation Act
18.01.2017 No. 016/17 New Liability Rules for Antarctica
24.11.2016 No. 294/16 Twenty years of cooperation on keeping the Oder River basin clean
Ceremony today in Wrocław for beginning of Polish ICPO Presidency
16.09.2016 No. 225/16 State Secretary Adler: "We must work together to save the oceans"
18.07.2016 No. 175/16 Special BMUB award supports establishment of sustainable infrastructures
21.06.2016 No. 144/16 Minister Hendricks: "We have to take a more responsible approach to plastics and plastic waste"
International conference on plastics in freshwater environments
20.05.2016 No. 109/16 Federal Environment Ministry supports international marine conservation
11.05.2016 No. 102/16 Standards for effective water pollution control will be harmonised across the EU
09.02.2016 No. 026/16 Joining forces to protect the Danube
Danube Conference in Vienna adopts raft of measures
18.11.2015 No. 311/15 Hannelore Elsner and Hannes Jaenicke give their voice to nature
29.10.2015 State Secretary Adler: German companies' water management expertise benefits the economy and the environment
15.09.2015 No. 225/15 International Marine Conservation Conference in Stralsund
03.08.2015 No. 195/15 G7 countries outline measures against marine litter
01.04.2015 No. 072/15 Cabinet adopts far reaching restrictions on fracking
24.03.2015 No. 060/15 Minister Hendricks wants to maintain the scope for remunicipalisation of water management
15.08.2014 No. 135/14 UN Watercourses Convention enters into force
Barbara Hendricks: major achievement for international cooperation in the management of water courses
27.06.2014 Nr. 108/14 Together against marine litter
North-East Atlantic countries adopt regional action plan
19.05.2014 No. 085/14 Expert dialogue on opportunities and risks of nanotechnologies with regard to the aquatic environment
05.02.2014 No. 018/14 Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands enhance protection of the Wadden Sea