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Parliamentary State Secretary Florian Pronold

Portrait of Florian Pronold
Bundesregierung/Sandra Steins

Born 28 December 1972
in Passau, Bavaria


1992Received higher education entrance qualification
1992 - 1995Trained as a bank clerk, then worked at Deggendorf Savings Bank
1995 – 1999 Studied law at the at the Universität Regensburg as well as several semesters of political science and sociology passed the first and second state examinations
2000 Practical legal training in Munich, Deggendorf and Regensburg


1989Joined the SPD
1991 – 1992Chairperson of the Lower Bavarian district association of the Young Socialists; elected deputy local chairperson of the Deggendorf local association of the SPD and elected to the executive committee of the Lower Bavarian district association of the SPD
since 1993Member of the executive committee of the Bavarian SPD
since 1994Lecturer in youth and adult education for various institutions, mainly volunteer work
since 1996 County councillor in Deggendorf
1999 – 2004Chairman of the Bavarian Young Socialists and member of the presidium of the Bavarian SPD
since 2002Member of the German Bundestag
since 07/2002Licensed lawyer (since being appointed Parliamentary State Secretary, he has put his legal practice on hold)
since 2004Chairperson of the SPD subdistrict Rottal-Inn
2006 – 2010Chairperson of the group of SPD parliamentarians from Bavaria
since 2009Chairperson of the Bavarian SPD
since 10/2009 Deputy chairperson of the SPD parliamentary group in the German Bundestag
since 2010Member of the Bavarian Broadcasting Council (institution under public law)
since 12/2013Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety