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The Earth’s climate system is highly complex, even small changes impact on the entire system. Current Climate change cannot be reversed. Nevertheless, it is still possible to slow down climate change and limit its impacts on humans and the environment. This is a task for the entire international community.

Trump's decision will not stop climate action.

Barbara Hendricks Federal Environment Minister <b><i>Trump's decision will not stop climate action.</i></b>

Latest on Climate

Climate | 01.02.18

Call for project ideas: Climate action connects Europe

The Federal Environment Ministry’s European Climate Initiative is calling for non-profit organisations to submit project ideas on inner-European cooperation in the field of climate action until 16 March 2018.

Europe and the Environment | 17.01.18

Europe is moving forward

The EU and its member states are making progress on the implementation of the Paris Agreement. By 2030, CO2 emissions are to be reduced by at least 40 percent compared to 1990.

Climate | 14.12.17

One Planet Summit

Environment and climate Ministers from France, Germany, United-Kingdom, Sweden and the Netherlands commit to implement or evaluate the introduction of a meaningful carbon price in relevant sectors.

Earth showing a tropical storm in the eastern Indian Ocean and the western coast of Australia
Climate | 26.11.17

Global restrictions on climate-damaging refrigerants

The amendment has already secured the required number of ratifications just one year after its adoption in the Rwandan capital Kigali and can now enter into force in 2019.