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Europe and Environment

Europe and Environment

A clean, healthy and diverse environment is the prerequisite for prosperity and well-being for everyone in Europe. Therefore, approximately 80 per cent of the environmental policies applicable in Germany are made by the EU Commission, the EU Parliament and the Council. Effective environmental protection also requires reasonable coordination of environmental with economic, transport and agricultural policies.

Europe is serious about climate action.

Barbara Hendricks Federal Minister for the Environment

Latest on Europe and Environment

Climate | 01.02.18

Call for project ideas: Climate action connects Europe

The Federal Environment Ministry’s European Climate Initiative is calling for non-profit organisations to submit project ideas on inner-European cooperation in the field of climate action until 16 March 2018.

Europe and the Environment | 17.01.18

Europe is moving forward

The EU and its member states are making progress on the implementation of the Paris Agreement. By 2030, CO2 emissions are to be reduced by at least 40 percent compared to 1990.

Chemical Safety | 04.01.18

Progressive ban on mercury-containing products

The use of mercury will be reduced to a minimum throughout the EU in the coming years. This is regulated by the new EU Mercury Regulation, which will apply from this year.

Climate | 14.12.17

One Planet Summit

Environment and climate Ministers from France, Germany, United-Kingdom, Sweden and the Netherlands commit to implement or evaluate the introduction of a meaningful carbon price in relevant sectors.

| 26.04.17

Federal Environment Ministry launches European Climate Initiative

The new European Climate Initiative (EUKI) of the Federal Environment Ministry will support intra-European cooperation on climate action. Interested non-profit organisations are invited to submit project proposals until mid-May.

Europe and the Environment | 27.03.17

EU proved to be beneficial for environmental protection

60 years ago in Rome, on 25 March 1957, six European heads of state and government signed the Treaty of Rome. This marked the birth of today’s EU.