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Sustainability Development

Sustainable Development

Today, the earth's resources are being used at a faster rate than ever before. And that is happening despite the fact that often those resources are finite. We only have this one world. We need to keep it inhabitable for everyone for a long time to come. The environment is the primary limiting factor in the concept of sustainability - not only at national but also at international level.

Good environmental policy is a solid foundation for successful economies.

Barbara Hendricks Federal Environment Minister

Latest on Sustainable development

Sustainable Development | 18.09.17

Germany and Italy support UN in green financing

Germany and Italy want to support the United Nations in drawing up and implementing a global strategy for sustainable financing with up to 2.5 million US dollars each.

Sustainable Development | 27.03.17

Second global forum on green economy in Berlin

Around 40 ministers, CEOs, high-level representatives of UN agencies, NGOs and trade unions as well as more than 300 sustainable development experts meet in Berlin today for the second global forum on green economy.

Sustainable Development | 18.07.16

Special BMUB award for sustainable infrastructures

The Federal Environment Ministry has launched a special award to recognise the international commitment of municipalities to establishing sustainable infrastructures.

Sustainable Development | 25.04.16

The transformative power of cities

Hendricks receives expert report on urbanisation’s impacts on climate targets from the German Advisory Council on Global Change